What Does Thirty-Five Look Like

Christine and the Cursed ChildToday is my birthday and I am officially 35 years old! I had totally forgotten my age until my Best Friend (of 25 years) reminded me! The thing is – I stopped counting once I reached 30. It’s not that I’m sad about getting older, I just don’t *feel* old (not that 30 is old, but you get it.) I was texting the Bestie last night wearing a Hogwarts tshirt while playing Fallout 4. I don’t know how a thirty-something is “supposed” to dress but I’d assume not like that. I also have purple-red hair. Also a nose ring. I don’t *feel* old. I mean, when I hang out with 20 year olds I feel old but that’s because I go to be relatively early and can’t drink like I used to.

Am I supposed to feel “old” now that I’m 35? I’m halfway to 70! Although, I have this feeling that when I’m 70 I’ll still be obsessed with Harry Potter and still playing video games (with my grand-kids of course!)

Cheers to getting older! Bring it on!

Ps. Thanks Dad for the lovely “young face” genetics.

Oops! I Forgot to Eat (Again)

Does anyone take Adderall and forget to eat or just not have any desire to eat? Like, I’ll be sitting on the couch or doing my house-wifely duties and I’ll be HUNGRY but when I go to eat I’m all like “meh, nothing interesting.” I have to keep the house stocked with food that a 5 year old could prepare because that’s my attention span when it comes to food during the day.

When dinner rolls around, most days I’m like “let’s prepare something wonderful” because I enjoy cooking … for my husband … and my son who will eat anything … not my daughter though because she’s hella picky. But, when I have to prep food for the kids and I – we all end up eating like, well, like kids.

Today was one of those days – I made PB&J for the kids and I didn’t make myself anything because I just didn’t think about it. Then, a couple hours later when I was STARVING – I finally grabbed some tuna from yesterday and some crackers. All good now.

Starting Anew & Reintroductions

It’s hard to start over, even when it comes to blogging. I was a professional blogger for YEARS and then – I suddenly lost all interest in it. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say (far from it) but I just didn’t want to put fingers to keyboard and write about anything. I hated my domain name, I had zero direction and, to be honest, I just wasn’t HAPPY. We were a military family living in Hawaii and I was absolutely miserable. So, I stopped writing. I started a home-based business and threw myself into it. I still have that business, mind you, but I need a writing outlet again.

So, after much deliberation and though – I decided to essentially begin again in the world of blogging. So, I bought a new domain that just FITS me so well. I moved all of my posts from my old blog over to this new one because I really didn’t want to lose all of those posts – but at the same time I wanted to be able to build upon the old things. Those posts are still important to me.

So that’s that I guess? If you (for some reason) have a link to my old blog (Atomic-Mama) please change your link over to this new one.

Hopefully, I can re-gain your interest and share some wonderful things here.

Menu Plan Monday – Jan 26

I actually have a few minutes to meal plan this morning! Yay!

Monday – Crockpot Sesame Chicken (recipe)

Tuesday – Chicken Enchiladas (recipe)

Wednesday – Creamy Spinach & Tomato Pasta (recipe)

Thursday – Hungarian Chicken Paprikash (recipe)

Friday – Pizza Pull Apart Bread (recipe)




Cooking and Aligning Your Chakra with Essential Oils

essential oils

Today I went to my very first “Cooking with Essential Oils” class taught by my friend Alex. We tried out a couple essential oils and sampled a couple recipes (and also looked up a couple MORE recipes online) and then, somehow, got onto the subject on Chakra aligning with essential oils which Alex seemed way more interested in teaching (which I also, in turn, was way more interested in learning – so it worked out!)

My friend Sarah used to talk about “Chakra’s” all the time – so I was interested to learn how I could use essential oils (which I use anyway) to basically “chill out” and basically focus my focus (my focus lacks focus) …

I know this ALL sounds totally bizarre but bear with me a sec here! Basically, your chakras are energy points in your subtle body (as opposed to your physical body) – think “it’s in your head” (but, just because it’s in your head doesn’t mean it’s not real – just ask Dumbledore.) There are seven chakras (seems as though most of the religions agree on this – at least – 7 MAIN chakras) – crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus/navel, sacral and root. Each chakra connects with a section in the body except the crown chakra which is pure consciousness (or your “higher power” whatever that may be.)

The book that Alex referred to in her class today was called “Chakra Wellness Made Simple” by Connie Boucher. It was geared towards users of the DoTERRA brand essential oils but could be used with any I’d imagine.

I definitely felt more relaxed after the class – not sure if I felt more “clarity” or whatever I was aiming for though. But, the more I learn – the more I’ll understand! I already use several essential oils on a daily basis – OnGuard (or Thieves), Peppermint, Lemon and Breathe.

Do you use essential oils? Which ones?

Pinterest Project: Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Christmas OrnamentFinally! A Pinterest craft project that I was successful with! After finding several “glitter ornament” directions I decided that this would be a neat project to do with the kids! So, I went to the store and picked up the necessary items (bought the Pledge and glitter at Wal-Mart and the clear balls from Ben Franklin’s Crafts) then set out to actually make them!

The kids didn’t really do a whole lot other than pick colors – they just didn’t want to. I made a blue one for myself just to try it out. Then, I made an orange one (for Xander) and a pink one (for Juliana) and a green one (for my husband.)

I know the blue one that I made first seems to need another “coat” of glitter but the other ones came out perfectly! I’m excited because once the glitter is all inside it there are so many other things to do to decorate them and make them more snazzy! Ribbon, stickers, jewels … the ideas are endless!

Next year I will plan more in advance (and hopefully, live closer to better craft stores.) There were only three non-broken clear balls at our craft store – so I had to pilfer a couple more clear balls from a friend.

If you want to make your own glitter ornaments, go check out these links:

Have fun! Merry Christmas!


I Miss Blogging

I miss blogging …. I need to fix that! How do you get back into blogging when you haven’t blogged in MONTHS?

Homeschool Week One

This was our very first week of homeschooling and it went … er … okay? It went better than I thought, but we had a little drama yesterday. Mostly because the three year old wanted attention (which, I had just finished giving her) and the nine year old just didn’t want to do what I had asked of him. For the most part though, it was a positive experience. I learned a couple things from my homeschool mama friends though:

  • Start simple and be upfront about what the schedule is.

In light of the whole “be upfront about schedule” idea I’ve decided that I need to buy a bigger whiteboard and keep it in an obvious place. I brought down Xander’s desk and am ready to hang a whiteboard above it. I will keep track of our daily expectations on there so it’s obvious and will hopefully help us both keep better track.


We used two of the workbooks that I picked up for English leaving the third that I bought for later. We also did the first two lessons in the Saxon 5/4 math book (although, I printed off the pages since Amazon hasn’t shipped me my books yet!)

For History/Science/Geography we started off our “Around the World in 26 Letters” with Australia! We watched a show on Netflix about Australia called Australia: First Four Billion Years (NOVA). I also purchased a unit study country pack from Teachers Pay Teachers (Country Pack (Egypt, Australia & Russia)) and used the worksheets from Australia. Some of the words from the worksheet weren’t familiar to Xander so those words, combined with some of the words from the show made for a great exercise in finding definitions and learning how to look up words in a dictionary and online.


For my little Pre-K minion (Juliana) we did a lot of tracing! I bought her some new dry erase markers and used a print-out of her name in a clear, plastic sheet protector. We also sorted colors with the super cute Paint Brush Matching Lapbook via Confessions of a Homeschooler! Little really enjoyed working on her own schoolwork while Big Brother did his!

Next week we’re heading to Brazil!

Pearl Harbor Commissary Reset

Hubby forwarded this email to me this morning – FYI Hawaii peeps!

The Pearl Harbor commissary will have a Full Store Reset, scheduled for August 17, 18, and 19, 2014 and will be required to close in order to accomplish this. We will open for half the day on Sunday August 17th and remain closed on the 18th and 19th, reopening on the 20th for normal business. Request widest dissemination of the attached article and to include in the Ho’Okele News Paper every Friday staring from July 25, August 1, 8, and 15.

This store reset will involve the replacement of all dry shelving in the Pearl Harbor commissary. The Hickam commissary will be prepared to support our commissary patrons during this time.

Totally NOT Mobile Pretty

I brought up this blog the other day to look for a recipe and noticed that the header graphic isn’t the right size for mobile. The rest of the blog is fine – but it LOOKS wonky.

Ugh … sorry! This is not OK 🙁

But – I’m far too busy geeking out on Minecraft that I have no time to fix it 😉

I will get to it soon …